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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce “Atelier”? What is that?

at·el·ier – a workshop or studio, especially of an artist, artisan, or designer.

Do you take commissions?

Sorry, I do not!

Did you go to school for this?

Yes and no. I have a BFA in Theatrical Technology and Design, which provided a broad overview of the world of theatre. However, the majority of my sewing skills are self-taught via internet tutorials and practice. I also learned a lot during my time as an intern at GSTQ Fashions. Exploration and experience have been my biggest teachers.

How long have you been cosplaying? What was your first cosplay?

You can browse my cosplay portfolio to see some of my earliest costumes, but here’s another post I made on this topic.

How do I start getting into cosplay/sewing/crafting? Do you have tips for beginners?

Here’s some suggestions for learning to sew. Watch and read some tutorials under my “tutorials” tab, find a project that interests you, and give it a shot! The best way to learn anything is by doing, and crafting is all about trial and error. Making mistakes is part of the process. Give it your best and persevere.

What sewing machine/serger do you recommend?

The best machine for you is one that fits your budget and needs. See this post for more info.

Where do you get your wigs?

Arda is my go-to for most cosplay wigs. I also really like the lace fronts available from Wig is Fashion, and I occasionally buy from brick-and-mortar stores when I need something in a more natural color and style.

Where do you buy your leather/leather tools?

Most of my stuff comes from Tandy Leather, but I also order from Hide House on occasion and I enjoy shopping locally in LA at Sav-Mor Leather.

What’s the deal with circle lenses? Are they dangerous? Where do you get them?

I have answered many questions about circle lenses/colored contacts, and you can find them all here!


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  • How do you feel about being in fanfiction? I wanted to write a non-smut story with you/Jared but if that wierds you out, I won't. Just wondering where you stand on that.

    Go for it dude. With the amount of time I've spent reading/writing fanfiction over the course of my life, it's a little surreal that someone actually wants to write it about me. I guess I've come full circle.

    Where do you get your prosthetic ears? Is there a certain kind that you prefer?

    I own several pairs of ears from Aradani Studios! They make excellent quality latex prosthetics in a huge variety of styles. They also offer a variety of skin tone options, which is pretty great, though you might still have to paint them yourself for a perfectly customized match.

    Here's the elf… [more]

    You're an amazing Futaba! Will you do any more Persona 5 characters or was this just for funsies?

    Thank you! I probably won't to other characters, simply because this was a group project and some of my friends will be cosplaying the other characters! I'd rather collaborate with them than dress as different characters myself, if that makes sense.

    However, we are eyeing those Phantom Thief battle suits... 😀

    Looking to buy my first sewing machine soon! I have minimal experience in sewing at best, but I'm looking to change that! Anyways, what machines do you recommend for beginners?

    Since I don't have comprehensive knowledge of the sewing machine market, I don't have much useful advice on this topic. I have actually never purchased a domestic sewing machine for myself. I own hand-me-down Vikings and a Brother that I won in a cosplay contest.

    For years, I did all… [more]

    Hey Heidi I'm sorry if I don't word this right, but say a Cosplay needed a kind of jacket with certain designs, how would it be possible to dye those intricate designs onto a white jacket?

    Painting, screenprinting, making custom appliques or iron-on transfers would probably all be better approaches than dye for this type of project. Probably.

    It is possible to dye intricate designs, but it would require some form of resist and is not an entry-level technique. Try doing some research into these other options… [more]

    With geek culture becoming more mainstream and seeing a rise in bullying other geeks within our own beloved community do you feel there is a way we can turn this tide of the rise of bullying within the geek community?

    There's always been a huge trend of nerds putting other nerds down for not being nerdy enough. Nerdy dick-waving competitions, if you will. I remember dealing with stuff like that throughout my childhood and adolescence, although I don't remember seeing people call out that behavior until I was more or… [more]


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