Asami Sato

This Asami Sato costume is based on the design she wears in the season four finale. Although this outfit doesn’t get much screentime, it left a big impression on me and I decided to recreate it.

This costume was completely handmade.

Photos by Atelier Heidi

Source: Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Season 4 finale
Debuted: Oni-con 2015
Awards: n/a
Collaborators: n/a

MaKing Of

This is a fully handmade costume created from my own patterns. Because the reference images were incomplete and lacked detail, I had to make a variety of design decisions to fill in the blanks. This was a fun exercise to work within an existing design but add my own tastes and interpretation.

I chose silk for the gown itself. The gown has a cotton sateen lining and a body of silk dupioni. The outermost layer is an extremely lightweight silk chiffon.