Asami Sato

This Asami Sato costume, based on her season 4 design, was a quick project thrown together out of leftover materials. This costume was completely handmade.

Photos by Darkain Multimedia, S Photography and Atelier Heidi

Source: Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Season 4
Debuted: Fanime 2017
Awards: n/a
Collaborators: n/a

MaKing Of

For this costume, I challenged myself to use only materials that I already had on-hand. This led to a few compromises in fabric color, but I used tones that had an appropriate value and color contrast to each other. The skirt and capelet were made from wool, with cotton sateen and polyester suiting making up the burgundy top.

I created my own patterns for the blouse and cape by draping. The skirt was made from an altered commercial pattern. It is fully lined and hemmed.

This costume was a quick and simple project that helped me use up extra materials and practice the fundamentals.