Bishoujo Mara Jade

This is a fully handmade costume based on the Kotobukiya Bishoujo line of figurines. This version of Mara Jade is a good deal more glamorous than her canon version, which is reflected in my makeup and style choices.

Photos by Mindfall Media and Atelier Heidi

Source: Kotobukiya Bishoujo figurines
Debuted: Dragon Con 2016
Awards: n/a
Collaborators: Lightsaber by Hasbro
Blaster by Rubies’s repainted by Heidi

MaKing Of

I based my bodysuit pattern on a custom version of Yaya Han’s Ultimate Bodysuit pattern. I also used her line of Cosplay Fabrics to create it, although this costume was not sponsored. I chose the 4-way stretch vinyl and ultrapreme for my main fabrics, with a lightweight stretch suede for the cape.

The armor pieces are constructed from foam and close at the center back with velcro. The rest of the accessories, such as the harness and holster, are handmade from leather. I create a custom, wet-formed holster to hold the standard DL-44 blaster. The base of my blaster is a plastic toy by Rubie’s, which I repainted to look more realistic. It still makes toy blaster noises.