Elf Queen Lisiandrya

I designed and assembled this costume leading into Dragon Con 2018 for the Lantern Elf Procession. It was made in tandem with the Moon Priestess costume and they were originally worn together by myself and a friend.

The name and backstory for this character were provided by photographer Kyle Matthew Williams. As a part of his ongoing Tales of Gwendana series, Kyle conceptualized a photo story to give context to this character and her universe.

Photos by World of Gwendana

Created: August 2018
Collaborators: Ears provided by Geekling Creations
Wig sponsored by Arda Wigs

Making Of

Like the Moon Priestess costume, this design was quickly put together in time for an elf gathering. Lanterns were the theme of this gathering, so I incorporated this upcycled ceramic lantern which I found at a thrift store and altered to fit my needs.

The dress itself was created from a variety of silks. My intention was to create extremely lightweight, breathable gowns to weather the intense heat of Atlanta in late August. I modified a commercial pattern to create this gown, relying on laces at the sleeves and back to keep the fit adjustable. The crown and belt ornamentation are resin casts pulled from small premade decorative molds.