Forest Witch Merewina

This outfit was inspired by fall, nature, and mori girl themes. I wanted to create a little witch style for Halloween that would be light and airy instead of dark and spooky. This developed into a character concept I named Merewina, the Forest Witch. Merewina is a gentle witch who protects the trees and creatures of the forest.

Photos by World of Gwendana

Created: October 2018
Collaborators: Witch hat pattern provided by Cut/Sew

Making Of

The corset was in project purgatory for four years before being finished for this costume. Originally patterned during my internship at GSTQ Fashions, I began making this corset under the supervision of my mentor Catherine Jones. Four years later, I decided to surprise her by bringing back my (nearly complete) corset to finish during a trip to visit her. I wasn’t originally planning to wear it with this outfit, but the colors fit my theme too perfectly to leave it out. The corset is constructed from silk dupioni and cotton coutil and tied with a double-faced satin ribbon.

The hat is also completely handmade. It was sewn using Cut/Sew patterns, who I work with as a brand rep. The hat is constructed from boiled wool and buckram, with a silk edge trim and lining. The top is adorned with a variety of faux flowers.

Other items were purchased to complete the look.