Inkling Girl

From the videogame “Splatoon 2” and based on the design of the Inkling Girl amiibo. This costume was commissioned by Nintendo for San Diego Comic Con 2017 to promote the game’s release. I wore this alongside Leo Camacho as the Inkling Boy.

This costume was made by me with assistance from friends. I sculpted the head piece by hand using Monster Clay, then had it molded and cast by a third party. Amanda Flagg contributed vector illustrations of the logos seen throughout the Inkling Girl’s clothing. These graphics are available for free in my store section. The prop weapons for SDCC were made by Jackie Craft. I later commissioned a personal set from Detravoid Concept. Everything else was assembled by me.

Photos by Mineralblu, Ngo Photography, and Associated Press.

Source: Splatoon 2
Debuted: SDCC 2017
Awards: n/a
SDCC props made by Jackie Craft
Vector files contributed by Amanda Flagg


I created the base form of the head piece with Monster Clay, using a cast of my own head to help manage the proportions and fit. The final cast of the head was created with silicone.


Customizing the sneakers was a particularly fun part of this project. I painted them with Angelus paint to create this custom shade of teal, then fit them with various leather and vinyl decals to complete the look. Iron-on transfer vinyl was particularly useful while building this costume, as the iconic squid logos appear on almost every piece.

The clothing items were assembled out of various pre-made items and customized with athletic fabrics and transfer vinyl. The result is a very comfortable outfit, perfect for warm temperatures.


Stream Archives

Below you can find my stream archives, documenting some of my work on this costume: