Moon Priestess Ithilien

I. Moon priestess Ithilien attends the dawning of the night.
II. As the sun bleeds out its final rays, moonlight settles over the dusk. The ritual begins. <O shining Silver Flower, hear our call and guide us into night>
III. <Bring forth the blood sacrifice and let us drink to mother moon>

Photos by Atelier Heidi

Created: August 2018
Collaborators: Ears by Geekling Creations
Wig sponsored by Arda Wigs

Making Of

Like many of my designs, this look was inspired by the materials. I enjoy building color schemes of compatible supplies, then work out how to incorporate them into a cohesive character design. I assembled this design leading up to Dragon Con 2018, where several friends and I were to participate in an elf gathering. This dress was worn by a friend on that occasion, and later repurposed by me as a spooky Halloween look.

This costume is sewn from silk shantung following a modified commercial pattern. The belt is built from canvas and several types of trim, then adorned with small resin cast filigrees. The crown is also resin, pulled from various mini decorative molds and assembled with aluminum wire. I cast a second copy of Arwen’s belt buckle and recycled it into this design.